Bringing Equality to Jakarta Residents, Anies Inaugurates Transjakarta Bus Stop Pavilion at HI Roundabout

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JAKARTA, THENUSANTARAPOST.COM- In order to present a sense of equality in the Hotel Indonesia (HI) roundabout area, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government through the BUMD PT Transportation Jakarta (Transjakarta) has built a platform facility at the Hotel Indonesia (HI) Roundabout Transjakarta bus stop.

Ceremonially, the platform was inaugurated by the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan on Saturday (15/10).
“This bus stop is unique because it facilitates various activities. First, transfers between passengers because this is one of the bus stops with the most TJ routes and this is also where passengers who board from the HI roundabout stop. Underneath it is an integrated MRT,” said Anies.

“Then, at the top it is used to sell goods needed by people who have mobility. This bus stop is also a place where we can enjoy the HI roundabout area from a height,” he continued.

Anies explained that enjoying the atmosphere of the HI Roundabout area from a height is mostly possible only by accessing hotels, cafes or restaurants around the HI Roundabout, in this case those who are socio-economically strong. Therefore, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government wants an atmosphere of equality to be present when enjoying the HI Roundabout area from above by providing access for all people.

“We see in this place, there are many commercial places, cafes, restaurants that offer the experience to watch the HI roundabout area from a height. Unfortunately, this place can only be enjoyed by those with a strong socio-economic status, most people are not there,” he explained.

“Therefore, we want that this HI roundabout area can be enjoyed from a height by anyone, not only those who are prosperous but also in facilities owned by the DKI Provincial Government which are owned by the people, our people must be able to enjoy it like others. This is a place where the feeling of equality is presented,” he stressed.

In addition, the presence of the HI Roundabout Stop platform also provides the experience of enjoying the welcome statue landscape closer and easier because you only need to come to HI Roundabout by taking Transjakarta.

“Then, by building this platform, Jakarta residents, anyone, can enjoy the HI roundabout area from a height and place the welcome statue again as the main icon for residents to enjoy. Then, to access it by taking Transjakarta,” he said (Wan)


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