President Jokowi Emphasizes IKN Development Based On Nature And Renewable Energy

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JAKARTA, THE NUSANTARA POST- President Jokowi emphasized that the construction of the Capital of the Nusantara (IKN) in East Kalimantan would be nature-based and use renewable energy, as a form of changing Indonesia’s new civilization.

Through the development of IKN, Jokowi said, development and high regional economic figures will no longer be concentrated on the island of Java.

This was conveyed by the President in his remarks at the event of the Capital of the Archipelago New History of New Civilizations at The Ballroom Djakarta Theater, Jakarta, Tuesday (18/10/2022).

“Indonesia needs economic justice, once again there are 17 thousand islands, not just one island. We need equality of development, we need equitable development. This is what we want to present, namely by building the capital city of the archipelago, “said the President.

The President said that Nusantara was built with the concept of a future smart city based on nature, with 70 percent of the area in IKN being a green area. The land used in the current IKN development is a monoculture production forest with one type of tree, namely eucalyptus trees, which are cut every six to seven years.

“It is a production forest that is cut every six years, seven years. This is what we want to return. In fact, later (we) want to become a heterogeneous forest with native and endemic trees from Kalimantan, so we hope that it will become a tropical rain forest again, a tropical rain forest again in Kalimantan, “he continued.

The first step to make this happen is that the government prepares a nursery center which was built last June. The President hopes that the nursery with an area of ​​15 hectares will be able to re-green Kalimantan by planting various types of plant seeds.

“The area of ​​​​the nursery is approximately 15 hectares with a reservoir of 7 hectares. We hope that it will be completed at the beginning of the year where the annual seedling capacity can produce approximately 15 million seedlings per year,” he added.

On that occasion, the President also explained that the energy source at IKN will come from renewable energy. Including in terms of transportation, the Head of State said that the government would develop autonomous vehicle (AV) technology.

“Then 80 percent of the transportation is public transportation, autonomous vehicles, without crew and without drivers. So what we value there are pedestrians, what we value there are people who like to ride bicycles. Ten minutes city, the distance to everywhere is within 10 minutes,” said the President.

Furthermore, the President said that the work culture that will be built at IKN will be a productive work culture. This culture, said the President, can be realized with the support of good governance and management, as well as the implementation of qualified technology.

“Smart living, smart city, community service through applications, birth certificates, marriage certificates via cellphone, paperless. This is what we want to build,” he said (Wan)

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