Due to Acute Kidney Failure, 70 Children in Jakarta Died

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JAKARTA, THE NUSANTARA POST- The DKI Jakarta Health Office (Dinkes) proactively traces and examines the results of medical records for treating children with acute kidney failure in all hospitals in the Jakarta area.

“The team is actively from the health office along with all hospitals and health centers in DKI proactively looking back,” said Head of DKI Health Office Widyastuti in Jakarta, Monday.

Widyastuti revealed that there are two hospitals that refer to the treatment of children with acute kidney failure, namely the Ciptomangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) and the Children’s Hospital and Bunda Harapan Kita.

In addition, the central government through the Ministry of Health directly distributes antidote or drugs to treat acute kidney disorders in children to every hospital.

The DKI Jakarta Health Office noted that 70 children under the age of six died from atypical progressive acute kidney disease based on investigations from January 2022 to Sunday (30/10). “From January to yesterday, a total of 142 cases were reported,” said Widyastuti.

He explained that 142 cases consisted of 70 children died, 50 recovered, and 22 people were still undergoing treatment.

Widyastuti said that the most reported cases according to the domicile of the DKI Jakarta area were found in East Jakarta, reaching 34 cases.

Meanwhile, in the Thousand Islands, which until now has not found any case reports of acute kidney disorders in children.

Although the cases were reported by hospitals in Jakarta, not all of the reported cases came from the capital city, because there were patients who were referred from Banten, West Java, and East Java (Ant/MJ/TC)

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