PUPR Accelerates the Construction of Ministerial Residences in IKN

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JAKARTA, THE NUSANTARA POST – The Ministry of Public Works and Housing (PUPR), through the Directorate General of Housing, is accelerating the construction of ministerial residences in the National Capital (IKN) Nusantara.

“The progress of the construction of ministerial residences in IKN has reached about 10 percent, which is higher than the planned target of eight percent,” said Iwan Suprijanto, the Director General of Housing at the Ministry of PUPR, in his statement in Jakarta on Friday.

Iwan stated that at least 36 units of Ministerial Residences will be built by the Ministry of PUPR in the 104th plot with an area of 10.6 hectares and the 105th plot with an area of 9.1 hectares in the Core Area of the Government Center (KIPP) IKN.

In addition to the physical construction of the residences, the planting of plants that will be placed in the Ministerial Residences complex has also been carried out. Plants such as black orchids, ketapang trees, guava trees, and others have been prepared in the nursery area located in KIPP IKN.

The Ministry of PUPR has appointed PT Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk as the cooperation operation partner (KSO) with PT Ciriajasa Engineering Consultant for the implementation of the housing construction.

Meanwhile, the Construction Management Package for the Ministerial Residences in KIPP IKN will be carried out by PT Yodya Karya (Persero) – PT Indah Karya (Persero) – PT Surya Perkasa Raya KSO.

The scope of work includes planning and design of the 104th and 105th plots, construction of the ministerial residences, public and social facilities in the area, infrastructure work in the area, and furniture work.

Furthermore, Iwan stated that his department has prepared two types of house designs, namely downslope and upslope, with a building area of 580 square meters and a land area of 1,000 square meters.

“These Ministerial Residences will be two-story buildings. The first floor will consist of a terrace, a workspace, an official waiting room, an office area, a family living room, and a guest bedroom. Meanwhile, the second floor will be the private area, consisting of a family room, a master bedroom, and children’s bedrooms,” said Iwan.

He also added that they will continue to oversee the construction process in order to ensure that it is carried out smoothly and according to the predetermined plans, guaranteeing high-quality work with a target completion date of June 2024 (Ant/TNP).

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