IKN Authority Collaborates with Bank Mandiri to Provide Financial Solutions

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JAKARTA, THE NUSANTARA POST – The Nusantara Capital City Authority (IKN) has signed a memorandum of understanding for banking services and an agreement for government credit card issuance in Jakarta on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

This signing is an effort to facilitate financial transactions, not only for retail individuals but also for institutions. The memorandum of understanding that was signed serves as the initial foundation for further collaboration agreements, including cooperation in Payroll Payment, Government Credit Card Issuance, and e-Money Co-branding cooperation as the Nusantara Capital City Authority Employee ID Card.

“Through this synergy, we hope to start a better collaboration and commitment from Bank Mandiri to provide the best and excellent services in supporting banking needs, not only to IKN as a Government Institution but also to all levels of IKN employees,” said Rohan Hafas, Director of Institutional Relations at Bank Mandiri.

During the same occasion, Bank Mandiri and IKN signed an agreement for the issuance of Government Credit Cards, which is mandated by the Ministry of Finance Regulation No. 210/PMK.05/2022 regarding Payment Procedures for the Implementation of State Revenue and Expenditure.

Achmad Jaka Santos, Secretary of the Nusantara Capital City Authority, stated that this Memorandum of Understanding can encompass various interests for both parties. Bank Mandiri can synergize with IKN in realizing the Nusantara Capital City as a symbol of the nation’s identity, green economy and energy, smart transportation, and efficient and effective government governance as a significant transformation for Indonesia.

“We hope that Bank Mandiri can become a Government Institution with a new and different model, leading in terms of service, competence, and performance in managing a Capital City,” said Achmad Jaka Santos in Jakarta, as quoted by The Nusantara Post from the official IKN website (8/21/2023).

He added that the collaboration for Government Credit Card issuance is one form of Bank Mandiri’s support for the Government’s program towards a cashless society, where the use of allowance funds will no longer rely solely on cash.

Furthermore, the Nusantara Capital City possesses a wide business potential, allowing for collaborative opportunities not only with Bank Mandiri but also with Bank Mandiri’s subsidiaries to support the development of the new capital city (Wan)

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