Mentioning Alexis Closure, Presidential Candidate Anies: Changes Require Authority

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Presidential candidate Anies Baswedan.  Photo : Detikcom.

SERANG, THE NUSANTARA POST– Presidential candidate Anies Baswedan expressed that to bring about change, authority is necessary because without authority, achieving change is challenging.

Anies then illustrated that thousands of people gathering and demonstrating cannot reduce the price of rice. Thousands of people gathering to request affordable fertilizer or inexpensive education cannot make it happen. “That can change because of authority,” said Anies during his speech at GOR Ciceri, Serang, Banten (12/21/2023).

Anies exemplified one of the changes that occurred in Jakarta when he was the Governor of DKI Jakarta, namely the closure of Alexis, a well-known location for prostitution in Jakarta that was difficult to shut down.

“In Jakarta, there is a place called Alexis, a place of vice and prostitution, you know? Know it from the internet, it’s important not to go there. What happened was that the place was protested many times, many demonstrations, closed? No, protested again, protested again, couldn’t be closed,” he revealed.

According to Anies, the reason is that Alexis had connections (insiders) and backing. In 2017, there was a change of governor, and when the governor changed, Alexis was finally closed with just a piece of paper and a signature from the Governor.

“That’s what is called authority. On February 14, 2024, we have to decide to whom this authority should be given? To whom should it be given?” “Amin, Amin, Amin,” responded the residents attending Anies’s campaign at Gor Ciceri.

According to Anies, victory is not automatically given; it requires a joint struggle. “That’s why we have to reach out to everyone,” said Anies. Anies emphasized that the current struggle for change is not about one person, not about one party, not about a coalition, but about the future of the nation. “Where are we headed? We affirm that the direction we are taking is a just and prosperous Indonesia for all,” he concluded (Wan).

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