Civil servants moving to the National Capital of the Nusantara (IKN) will receive various allowances, here are the details

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the National Capital of the Nusantara. Photo : Antara.

JAKARTA, THE NUSANTARA POST  – President Joko Widodo’s administration has formulated several allowances for civil servants (ASN) who are the first to move to the National Capital of the Nusantara (IKN). Minister of State Apparatus Empowerment and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Abdullah Azwar Anas said the allowances, referred to as pioneer allowances, start from relocation allowances.

“We have formulated it. Later there will be relocation allowances, packing allowances. Then, allowances for them to depart with their families to that place,” Anas said at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Jakarta, as quoted by The Nusantara Post from on Friday (8/3/2024).

In addition to those allowances, specifically, he mentioned there are also transportation allowances. Including air transportation or flights, and ground transportation for those whose homes are close to IKN.

“They will receive allowances for airplane tickets. Those far away will fly. Except for those nearby, they might just bring their wardrobes,” said the PDI Perjuangan politician.

Although the formulation of pioneer allowances has been completed, Anas is still reluctant to disclose it in detail. What is clear, according to him, is that civil servants moving to IKN will enjoy various living facilities that support their work performance.

“The cars that enter are electric cars, there’s enough oxygen, every week there will be local cultural performances from all districts/cities, representative places of worship, I think it will be enjoyable,” said Anas.

President Jokowi also emphasized that he will start working at IKN in July 2024 together with Minister of Public Works and Public Housing Basuki Hadimuljono.

“Pak Basuki in June, July,” said Jokowi when giving a press statement at IKN, East Kalimantan, Thursday (29/2/2024).

“In June-July, I’m waiting for the airport to be ready, the toll road to be ready. If the toll road is ready, the airport will be ready,” Jokowi said when asked when he would start working at IKN.

Meanwhile, for the state officials in his own government, the office relocation will be done gradually. In July 2024, the number of those relocating in the first phase will be 6,000 people, adjusting to the readiness of housing for ASN and TNI-Polri in IKN.

“These civil servants will be relocated gradually,” said Jokowi.

The civil servants moved to IKN in the initial phase will be specifically designated to prepare for the flag-raising ceremony for Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17, 2024. Meanwhile, the second phase of relocation will take place in October and November 2024 (CNBC/TNP)

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