The Nusantara Post is the first English-language online media in Indonesia dedicated to welcoming and assisting in disseminating information on the new capital city in East Kalimantan, namely Nusantara, so The Nusantara Post website will provide more information and news about the development of the nation’s capital city (IKN) Nusantara.

For the people of Indonesia, the name Nusantara has a very strong emotional bond, both from a regional and cultural perspective. No wonder the word Nusantara is another name for Indonesia. In terms of territory, the  Nusantara covers the entire territory of the Unitary State of Indonesia. In fact, another version says that Nusantara is the designation for the region which now includes the territory of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore and even the entire Southeast Asia region.

Based on this, The Nusantara Post not only broadcasts content or news about the capital city of the archipelago but is also equipped with a number of rubrics or news about politics, business, investment, environment, energy, technology, culture, Southeast Asian news through the ASEAN Rubric and global news through the rubric. international.

Nusantara Post is also equipped with an opinion column containing writings from the point of view of figures or experts about the current situation.

The Nusantara Post, apart from displaying English news, is also equipped with Indonesian, making it easier for local and international readers to understand the news broadcast by The Nusantara Post. The Nusantara Post is also equipped with several world languages ​​such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Filipino, Thai, German, Pakistani to Turkish.  The Nusantara Post wants to target overseas readers who want to know the dynamics of Indonesia and are interested in getting a full perspective on Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

The Nusantara Post team always strives for the latest and latest news and information from all over the country, especially regarding the development of the nation’s capital city 24 hours 7 days a week. The Nusantara Post adheres to positive journalism which is the public’s hope to get ideas and ideas as well as inspiration for a better Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

The Nusantara Post is under the legal umbrella of PT Indonesia Cipta Mediacom.

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